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GLODERM Trainee Committee

Founding committee members Dr Sidra Khan, Dr Aakaash Varma, Dr Doriane Sabushimike and Prof Ncoza Dlova first met whilst carrying out field work for the Global Psoriasis Atlas in Moshi, Tanzania in July 2019. They shared a passion for improving dermatology education and global health. They founded the GLODERM Trainee Committee (GTC) in early 2020 and the committee grew as others with a shared vision and goal joined.

The Trainee Committee goal is to promote knowledge equity by improving access to education for dermatology trainees across the world. The Committee aims to provide free educational events and opportunities to build networks and collaborate. By improving educational opportunities for trainees the Committee hopes to empower future generations of leaders in dermatology around the world.

Trainee Committee Leadership

Aakaash Varma.jpg

Dr Aakaash Varma

Co-founder and current Chair


Lynda Atsen.jpg

Dr Lynda Atsen



Luísa Polo Silveira.png

Dr Luísa Polo Silveira

Communications Lead


General Committee Members

Dr Cyndy Muliro (Tanzania)
Director of Volunteers

Dr Aswan Tai (Austrailia)
Director of Scheduling


Carlyn Harris (USA)


Dr Emily Welch (UK)
Dr Salva Nicas (Tanzania)
Dr Iche Ujile (Nigeria)


Dr Sidra Khan (UK)

Cofounder and Past Chair

Dr Josep Riera-Monroig (Spain)
Dr Refentse Thobye (South Africa)
Dr Doriane Sabushimike (Tanzania)
Prof Ncoza Dlova (South Africa)
Prof Minal Singh (UK)
Prof Roni Dodiuk-Gad (Israel)


GLODERM Trainee Resources

Empowering future generations of leaders in dermatology around the world

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