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Mentorship Programme

Become a change-maker

GLODERM brings together a unique community of dermatology professionals with a focus on Global Health Dermatology. Connecting these individuals, at all career stages, who are passionate about the advancement of skin health in resource-limited communities, locally and globally is central to GLODERM’s mission.

The Mentorship Programme is a cornerstone of GLODERM’s sustainable and integrated approach to improving dermatologic clinical care, education, research, policy, and advocacy. The programme brings together Mentor-Mentee Pairs from all over the world to share knowledge and grow the skills needed for Mentees to become leaders.

Over the 12-month programme the Mentees will have monthly online meetings with their Mentor and follow a webinar programme, with other cohort members, to develop and enhance their leadership and global health dermatology skills. There will also be a one-month placement (COVID allowing) where the Mentee will join their Mentor for an intensive in-person skills development phase. The programme will also facilitate a series of networking opportunities, including attendance of an international conference where possible.

We hope to grow a community of future ‘change-makers’ and develop a network of GLODERM Mentees who can offer encouragement and support to each other as they build programmes, start initiatives, train healthcare workers, and improve access to skin health services globally.

Class of 2022-2023

Meet GLODERM's first 7 mentees of the mentorship programme.

These 7 mentees will benefit from GLODERM's support, training and mentoring as they build programmes, start initiatives, train healthcare workers to make dermatology accessible to underserved communities in Brazil, Mexico, Ecuador, Ethiopia, Tanzania, Indonesia, DRC.

Class of 2023-2024

Introducing GLODERM's next 10 mentor-mentee pairs of the mentorship programme

These 10 mentees will receive invaluable guidance, training, and mentorship from experienced professionals, giving them with the skills necessary to create sustainable programmes, start ground-breaking initiatives, and train healthcare workers to make dermatology accessible to underserved communities in Kenya, Tanzania, St Lucia, India, Zanzibar, Rwanda, Indonesia, Madagascar and Vietnam.

Become a Mentee

The mentorship programme will help link mentee applicants, who either live or work in low-resource settings, with vetted global health dermatology experts for a one-on-one mentorship experience lasting 12 months. The aim of the mentorship period will be to enhance the mentees’ skills relevant to global health dermatology, including capacity building, setting up programmes, building a career and incorporating global and/or community health. Applicants will be selected through a competitive process.

GLODERM is currently not accepting applications.

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Become a Mentor

Mentors are leaders and experts in the field of global health dermatology. Over one year, they help build the organisational competences required to set up dermatology service and research programmes in resource limited settings in our mentees' home countries. If you'd like to be added as a mentor to our mentor database, please fill out the form at the link below. We will review your credentials to ensure you are a good fit.


The Mentorship Programme is supported by a grant from CeraVe.

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